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Fitness Level 1

In this class we will be going over the basics of hula hooping around the waist. This is really great for ones that are beginner and wanting to get the feel of the hoop. We will be using a weighted wide hoop or you can use large hoop and we will be going over what size hoop is right for you. Will be hula hooping around your waist, hips and arms while creating different movements and playing with directions and speed. This is great fun exercise to get your heart going while having fun! I use this class for a morning booster!

Hoop Dance Level 1

In this class you will be hula hooping with a hoop that is the correct size for you. We will be performing hooping with hips, arms, upper body and getting the feel of the hoop and finding your flow. Everyone is welcome but perfect for those who are in entry level or have not picked up a hoop for a while.

Fitness Level 2

In our level 2 class we will still be using our weighted hula hoop or wide hoop. Using our core muscles to keep the hoop up, using different types of workout moves and transitions to keep the hoop up and going. In this class you will be burning more than 500 cal in this 60 min class. This class is very high energy so be prepared to be challenged, laugh and sweat!

Hoop Dance Level 2

This class is all about finding the flow with your hoop! We will be using light weighted hula hoops or a small hoop as we are going to be focusing on tricks and transitions. In this class you will learn basic waist hooping, what to do with your arms, spin turns, waist breaks, hand hooping in all different directions and finding your flow in this hoop dance class.

Private Class 1on1

To anyone that needs extra assistance or has any questions about hula fitness or dance classes or if you are wanting to practice. 

Hoop Dance Level 3

Now that you have basics down and slowly finding your flow with your hoop! It's time to progress and find more tricks and transitions so that you can tap into your own movement and find out so much more possibility to your dance. In this class we will be still using our dance hoop or light weight hoop, we will be going over weave, weave jumps, passes, over head halos, and helicopter tricks then finding your flow with these awesome tricks!

Hoop Yoga

In this class we will be using a dance hoop so try to avoid using too big of a hoop or weighted. You will also need a mat as we combine the hoop with yoga poses which adds balance, extends stretches and helps rotate the torso, creating body awareness in a playful new form of exercise. Using a hula hoop during yoga practice can actually help you reach difficult poses, think of it as alternative yoga prop.

In this 45min class you will feel so powerful! Hint the name.. This class is a fitness based Vinyasa practice. It has so many benefits including building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility as well as stress reduction. We will be using our breath to move through the poses. This class is for all levels and is unheated.

Power Flow Yoga

Hula hoop will be provided in all classes & available to purchase 

Remember ~

Wear comfortable clothes, avoid any baggy apparel

Bring water- stay hydrated

Bring a friend

Everyone are welcome

Be ready to have fun


2609 Grandview Ave

Nashville TN 37211 


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